Imagine your SketchUp on Steroids! Be crazy creative as usual, while Skalp keeps track of every move, automagically generating your professional construction documents.

for SketchUp offers sections, patterns and much, MUCH more. In fact, SketchUp + Skalp = NO MORE NEED for expensive additional software! Save BIG on money and time, working in architecture, engineering, construction, woodworking, interior design, film & stage, ...

„Best SketchUp Plugin out there – well worth the money!”

Marc Kleinmann – CEO Bauhaus Custom Homes

'Game Changing'

The Skalp development Team has its roots in architecture and 3D software, but much like SketchUp itself, that doesn’t mean Skalp is intended for architects only. SketchUp is being used in numerous working disciplines nowadays (3D for everyone!), which is why we intended Skalp to be as 'generic' as possible. For Skalp, this means we do not want to change the user’s existing workflow: Skalp supports everything that was already being done in SketchUp, yet simply offers the ability to effortlessly create superb construction documents as a game changing bonus.

„I have been using Skalp from the moment it was released and it has changed my workflow dramatically.”

Jason Wolfe-Daimpré, interior architect

'A Joy to Use'

Skalp takes SketchUp's standard Section tool and puts it on steroids. It literally solidifies your cross sections. Offering automagical updates and a great user interface filled with relevant features, Skalp is simply a joy to use. Integrating Skalp in your SketchUp design workflow is intuitive and effortless. Sections will fill while the model changes. This holds true even during group or component editing, nested or not.

"They have looked at just about every aspect of sectioning and exploited every opportunity available in Ruby; PLUS a lot of ingenuity has gone into the design of their UI to present a full-featured sectioning tool. They have not left too many stones unturned."

John Clements, Illustrator

'Super Easy'

Skalp’s section tool supports drawing scales, line widths, line colors, fill colors and even transparencies. Skalp’s Pattern Designer creates tileable SketchUp textures from standard CAD pattern files. Just import your own, preview, use and tweak them. It is super easy...

"I have used a lot of different plugins and manual techniques for this problem, but nothing that works as good as Skalp for Sketchup!"

Wade Schmidt, Architectural Illustrator/Modeler

'Very Powerfull'

Skalp Styles: tailor your sections exactly to your needs. Apply separate drawing scales and looks onto section cuts that are being used in multiple scenes. Manage them with ease.

This is what Skalp Styles are all about. You can use tags, layers, textures or other meta data to customize your own representations. Skalp offers a very powerful yet intuitive way to manage section representations.

"I love this tool , it does everything the guys say it does, there were a few glitches when it first came out, now i cannot do without it, great work guys keep it up"

wingchum K.

'Great Output'

With Skalp your drawings In SketchUp Pro’ s LayOut can superbly replace your traditional cad plans. Or you can integrate your SketchUp / Skalp designs in your prefered cad based workflow: we’ ve integrated DXF export with vectorial hatch definitions.

"You folks have made SketchUp a serious tool to finally get our stuff out on paper"

Kjetil Wehn
$ 15 / year
  • Full feature set
  • 1 user on 1 computer
  • All updates and upgrades
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$ 79
  • Full feature set
  • 1 user on 2 computers
  • 1.x updates
  • PRO support
14-day Trial
  • Full feature set
  • 1 user on 1 computer
  • All updates and upgrades
  • 14-day support
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Skalp was founded by two architects from Antwerp (Belgium) with a passion for 3D and computers. They have more than 20 years of expierence in architectural design, including some years of software development for TriForma (MicroSation) and Architecturals (IntelliCAD). They have been working countless hours with all the major CAD solutions (AutoCAD, Star, MicroSation, Arkey, Vectorworks, ...). By creating their own solution, Skalp, they can now keep the complete design process, from sketch to construction, within SketchUp.

“At first we developed a sectiontool mainly for the use in our own offices. We just enjoyed designing in SketchUp a lot... But we felt that it was a huge loss of time and money that, in order to get our construction documents ready, everything needed to be redone in additional CAD software. To solve that problem, a powerful sectiontool was the missing link. In doing so we strongly believe that Skalp is finally realizing what SketchUp is claiming: 3D for everyone!”

Jeroen Theuns and Guy Wydouw, founders of Skalp